About Live Editor

Live Editor is a one-man software company based in Springfield, Ohio. My mission is to create a content management system that works for both web designers and content editors.


Hi there! My name is Chris Peters, and I founded Live Editor with these purposes in mind:

  • Make customers’ businesses look good.
  • Provide tools to build websites that actually produce results.
  • Partner with clients to iterate and improve until we get it right.
  • Have fun creating the future of web content management.

My chief focus is on building and shipping Live Editor, my vision of friendly software that helps you create and manage your own websites.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to talk shop. (I’m friendly and don’t bite!)

Culture and values

I am but one man, but I’d like to grow this company. Company culture is something that I’ll be thinking about as I do this.

Surely, Live Editor’s culture will be shaped by its people. That said, I can give you a sense of where I come from by sharing some of my own personal values:

Creativity & innovation

A creative and innovative work environment embraces risk. It punishes neglect, not failure. It respects a balance between solitude and collaboration. It encourages iteration and refinement. It seeks knowledge and craftsmanship.


This word is often mistaken with "easy." Simplicity is not easy, and it is not simplistic. It often includes exploring all options and then pruning options from there. Part of strategy is deciding what not to do.


Perfection is achieved through iteration and hard work. My first draft of a project will not be perfect. But my first release of a project will have already taken several steps toward perfection.


I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences in Inside Live Editor. My belief is that information should be shared, not hoarded. Let’s improve and build the future together as an industry.

History & Experience

I have been building websites and web applications professionally since 2000. In those times, the iPod didn’t yet exist, and most people used phones that attached to the wall. In other words, I’ve been doing this for a while.