Following is complete list of features planned for the first release of Live Editor, the cloud-based website builder that will help you create great websites.

Content Editing

Inline WYSIWYG editing

Browse to a page on your site, click the "Edit" button, edit directly on the page, and save or publish your changes.

Page builder

Create and configure a tree of pages that correspond to URLs on your site. Then add content to the pages.


Define and manage URLs that redirect the user to other URLs.

Content streams

Set up "streams" of content for blog posts and event listings. Define what types of content appear in your streams.

Content templates

Define "types" of content, what's required, and how the content should be displayed in any number of scenarios.

Shared content

Reference the same content item on multiple pages. When you edit that content item, it updates everywhere.

Broken link handling

Live Editor presents you with options for handling broken links to pages and assets on your site.

Search engine listing previews

See an estimated preview of how each page would appear in search engines based on metadata like page title and meta description.

Theme Design

Flexible theming

Structure your theme HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code however you like. You are not constrained by "how the templates work."

Layout markup with Liquid

Define how content should be displayed in your layouts using the Liquid programming language, made popular by Shopify e-commerce software.

Local theme development server

With Live Editor CLI, develop all of your theme code on your computer using your own choice of code editors, build tools, source control, and front end technologies.

File Manager

Search and filters

Search your files by metadata like titles and keywords. Filter by file type and collection.

Drag-and-drop uploader

Drag and drop files and folders from your desktop into the file uploader. Choose whether or not to save as drafts or publish, and upload away.

Import files from URLs

Import files from other servers by pasting in one or more URL.

HTML5 video and audio

Video and audio uploaded to File Manager are automatically encoded into the formats needed to present your media through HTML5 tags.


Organize your site's images, videos, audio, and documents into folder-like collections.

Usage tracking

Live Editor tracks where your assets are being used within your site. You can also add records to track usage on 3rd party sites.

Related files

Upload your source PSDs, PNGs, videos, audio, Word documents, etc. and associate them with their derivates so you can find them for editing later.

WordPress plugin

Centralize your files in Live Editor: upload to, use, and track your Live Editor files from within your WordPress blog or site admin.

Drafts & Revision Tracking

Manage all drafts in one spot

Review drafts for all types of content in one spot. Choose multiple items to revert or publish all at once.

Drafts for all actions

Don’t change the tires on a moving car. Save drafts of new content, updates to content, or deletion of content. Then make those changes final by publishing later.

Review all revisions in one spot
Review everything that has been published live on your site in one chronological index. See what, who, and when.


Search all content

Use the powerful search bar at the top of the screen to search all of your content and files from one spot.



Access and modify content and design elements programmatically via a JSON:API 1.0-compliant API.


Web-based software

Because Live Editor is web-based and hosted by us, there is nothing for you to install, and you always have the latest version of the software.

Durable cloud infrastructure

We actively monitor and maintain performance, security, redundancy, and uptime with best-of-breed cloud hosting technology.

Account & Billing

User manager

Allow admin access to your site to an unlimited number of users.

Export all data

You own all of your data. You can export it to a zip file containing JSON data and all of your assets at any time that you wish.